Hunters Plant Weld Ltd prides itself on offering an excellent mobile welding service. Our goal is to arrive on-site, wherever you may be nationwide and ensure an absolute minimum disruption in your working day.

Our growing reputation for high-quality, efficient plant welding has led to nationwide work, servicing major companies. We work day and night to help keep your machinery running and reduce your downtime.

One area we felt we could further improve on was our use of third-party companies to supply crane loaders on-site. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and reliability and this can sometimes fall down if we had to rely on third parties to supply cranes for us.

The addition of our three new HIAB loader crane vehicles means we know for certain that we can offer a complete service for our customer on time, providing that one-stop-shop for all your needs.


Our 3 loader cranes.


Mobile welding unit with crane.

HIAB Artic tractor unit

HIAB crane tractor unit.

Scania loader crane

Scania HIAB loader crane

Welding van unit

Our mobile welding unit was already one of our most adaptable and useful pieces of kit. It enables us to arrive on-site and get straight down to work repairing your plant equipment. It is easily manoeuvrable and fits into smaller spaces with ease.

The addition of a loader crane to the welding unit now means that it truly caters to every stage of our on-site welding work. The crane can lift 750 kg and has a reach of 7 metres, with a load capacity of 250 kg when fully extended.

HIAB crane tractor unit.

Our tractor unit provides us with the flexibility of heavy lifting as an independent unit, or it can also be attached to our low loader trailer. We are able to arrive on-site and lift your heavier equipment for easier access for repairs or to load it onto our trailer and move it to our workshop for repair.

The benefit of this particular piece of equipment to our Hunter’s Plant Weld fleet is our ability to handle much greater loads on-site and move them off-site with ease. The crane can lift 7 tonnes at a reach of 4 metres, with a load capacity of 2 tonnes when fully extended to 14 metres.

Scania HIAB loader.

Our Scania loader crane is an excellent addition to our fleet. The crane is fitted at the rear of the flatbed and can lift up to 1 tonne with a fully extended reach of 8 metres, or up to 3 tonnes when extended to 3 metres.  The ability to arrive on-site as a single unit and lift heavy equipment for repairs or removal further adds to our “one-stop” welding service.

We are delighted to be able to offer such a complete welding service to our clients throughout the United Kingdom. We have the reassurance of knowing that we are no longer reliant on another company to assist us and can be confident that every job will be completed on time and to our satisfaction and high standards.



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