HIAB Loader Hire and Haulage

Hiab truck rear lifting CAT 2

Our new HIAB crane equipment means we can provide the full service all under one company for the customer.

We have added the HIAB service to provide customers with a one-stop-shop

Our HIAB service means that we are able to strip the machinery, carry out the welding repair and rebuild the machines on-site.  This makes it easier for the customer and they just have to deal with one contractor.

Our HIAB crane loaders can be used nationwide, from as far north as Scotland to as far south as London, 24 hours a day.

What does a HIAB crane offer our customers?

HIAB cranes are truck-mounted cranes that enable us to load and unload machinery on-site, without the need to call in a third-party company. We are able to provide our customers with a complete service from start to finish, knowing the job can be completed without delays and to our usual high standards.
HIAB Artic tractor unit
Our Artic HIAB loader has the crane situated directly behind the cab. This Volvo FH520 double-drive unit with 40 ton per metre remote crane means we can move as a single unit or with a trailer. The benefit of this is manoeuvrability when working without a trailer yet, the opportunity to attach a low loader and move large pieces of equipment off-site and to our workshop.
The tractor unit crane has a reach of 14 metres and will lift 2 tonnes if fully extended at that reach and 7 tonnes at 4 metres
Our HIAB crane which is situated on the back of our mobile welding unit means we can easily arrive on-site to lift equipment. Being a single unit, this piece of equipment is highly manoeuvrable and can fit into tighter spaces, whilst still being able to lift heavy equipment.
HIAB flatbed loader
Our HIAB truck with a flat-bed mounted crane enables us to load up and move equipment off-site without the need for our bigger trailer. We can even deliver repaired and refurbished equipment to the site and remove more equipment all in one day.

"That's a plant service company like no other!

M. Schaffield